Hopi Indians Dance for TR

On August 20, 1913, TR, numerous visitors, and Hopi Indians observe the performance of the ritual Hopi snake-dance at Walpi, Arizona, on the Hopi Reservation. TR was on a journey through the Southwest with his sons Archie and Quentin, and a young cousin, Nicholas Roosevelt. Crowds, seated and standing, are scattered over adobe dwellings watching the ceremony. The snake-dance takes place around a rough column of rock, with Hopis, in native dress and carrying snakes in their hands and mouths, circling the rock. Close shot of TR, seated and apparently awaiting the beginning of the ritual. Brief shot of Arizona landscape.

Director: U.S.A Bureau of Reclamation
Year: 1913
Genre: Documentary
Type: Short

Link: https://vimeo.com/790881651


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