Justin Langan, 24-years-old, photographed in studio in Winnipeg, MB.

Justin Langan

Justin Langan is the creator and curator of Indigenous Film Archive and a political science student at the University of Manitoba. He is an Indigenous activist and film lover whose work with Indigenous youth, environmentalism, and mental health has garnered national attention and recognition.  He is the Executive Director of O’KANATA, a federal non-profit supporting Indigenous youth with financial and cultural supports. Originally hailing from the rural community of Swan River, Manitoba, Justin is based in Winnipeg.

Indigenous Film Archive is a resource Justin has been researching since the summer of 2018. In October 2022, he decided to start implementing and developing the Archive himself. Every sentence on Indigenous Film Archive is thoroughly researched and earnestly written by him.

︎ justinrlangan@gmail.com

Indigenous Film Archive would not be possible without the ongoing support of my partner Jason Wolbert who has championed my work every step along the way.

Thank you to Maya S. Cade of BlackFilmArchive.com for paving the way. Special thanks to every Indigenous storyteller, filmmaker, actor, and creative who has worked, is working, and dreams to work in an industry that is soon becoming our own. Let this Archive show the progress that has been made, and still needs to be made, in the effort of truth and reconciliation.

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